A Guide to Cracked Windshield Replacement – Auto Body Collision Repair News

If your windshield has a damaged or cracked, fix or replace it. It’s all dependent on how big the crack. A cracked windshield replacement is inevitable if repairs are not carried out promptly. This video shows how to treat minor scratches.

Windshields are constructed with two layers of tempered glass with a middle plastic layer. If the break is located on the outer layer, you could be able fix it. If it’s too long and wide, it’s best to replace your windshield. Tiny cracks must be filled before they become longer and deeper.

In order to repair minor cracks, take a look at a kit to repair your windshield. Utilizing the pin, smooth up the area of cracks and remove any loose fragments. Use alcohol wipes to clean the affected region. The hole will be sealed using resin. Make sure you follow the steps on the package to the letter. The whole process should take 30 to 45 minutes. You can do this under direct sunlight or use a UV light to set the resin.

Minor cracks are fixable through repair kits. It is necessary to replace the windshield in case cracks fail to heal quickly. It is possible to DIY fix a minor crack, or bring it to an auto repair shop to be fixed or replaced.


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