How to Fix a BMWs Most Frustrating Features – How to Fix a Car

You have areas of your driving experience that you’d like to enhance. Though these aspects may seem tiny at first, the discontent with them will grow throughout the long time you use your vehicle. Here are some tips on how to correct BMW glitches. Making these modifications so you will get more from the performance of your BMW.

The most common problem is the case where your car’s interior screen and lights remain on even after you’ve shut off the vehicle. If you check, it is likely that the screens and interior lights were not switched off until you return home. This is a simple fix the issue by pressing the volume control for 3 minutes.

Another issue that is annoying is that the button to unlock can only open the driver’s door. You can use the Settings Menu to open every door at the same time.

A lot of drivers have trouble connecting their mobile devices with their BMW’s sound system. Volume buttons are your best friend once again. When you press this button, it will reset the sound system, which is usually a solution to any issues with connectivity.

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