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water needs to flow at a particular distance across the soil in order for bacteria to get rid of. The soil won’t become contaminated in the event that your area is within this area.

There are a variety of variables that impact the distance which should be placed between your main well drain and drainage field. In particular, you must think about how much from the groundwater table the drainage field of the septic. Additionally, you must also consider the direction of flow of groundwater. Different soils use different ways of filtering water. The type of soil is equally important. A well drilling company should be able to calculate the distance that your well should be from the drain field of the septic. These are the factors that are used to determine the distance between your well as well as the septic drain field.

Stay away from the well. Animal Pens

Are there any animal pen or pens on your property? It is not advisable to have animal pens on your property. If there are many animals that are dropping their waste in the same space as each another, it could produce high levels of bacteria. It is possible to have the water being contaminated by bacteria if your well is too within the confines of the pen.

Stay clear of Rocky Areas

Not least, you should consider the possibility of huge rocks. It is best to avoid placing the basic water well installation in an area with massive rock formations in the ground. If you observe massive rocks in the ground most likely there are massive rocks underneath the ground as well. They will make it very difficult for the company that installs your well to drill the well. The result could be costing you more. If you want to avoid that, choose a location that doesn’t contain any rocks. This makes digging the hole simple. Naturally, smaller pieces of stone or pebbles don’t pose a major problem. They can easily be taken and then thrown away. They pose no threat to equipment used for drilling. Again, your well installer sho


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