What Is a Cupola and Why Might You Want One? – Rochester NY Newspapers

For hundreds of years structures like churches and barns have been in existence for centuries. You may be wondering what you can find in an Amish cupola actually is. It’s a question that has an intriguing solution. Let’s take a look at what Cupolas are and the reasons it is a good idea to consider having one.

Cupolas are small , slender structures situated in the top of tall buildings. At a distance, they appear similar to huge chimneys. They have a very similar purpose. Cupolas are used to move warm air away from large buildings in the summer to cool the interior. Since moving air is more dense than normal air, this works. The negative density pulls the air from inside to the exterior. The cupola serves as space for air to flow. As warm air rises it’s positioned strategically on the very top. Vents or windows in the cupola let the air go to the outside. The inside is kept much cooler due to the vents and windows. Cupolas do not just help protect the interior of your building cooler, however, they’re also designed beautifully by Amish craftsmen. They can also be put up high above the construction.


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