Understanding Audi Detailing – Car Dealer A

you are detailing an Audi vehicle you should know the proper way to complete it. In this article, we will concentrate on the clean side of Audi detailing. If you aren’t comfortable performing this task on your own You can hire a service to handle it for you.

The first step in any Audi detailing job is to wash away all dirt. You will have to rinse the car. A common way to do this is to use an electric power washer. Advanced methods may use the foam gun to spray detergent-based water across the car. After the soapy solution is spread over the Audi the car, it can be rinsed it out to clear it of the initial layer of dirt.

Then, you’ll need to clean your car by hand following the wash. It’s best to use an ice cube and two buckets to do this. The water to wash the vehicle comes from one bucket and the sponge is rinsed out in the second. The water you use to wash the car can be dirty if you just use just one bucket.


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