How Scuba Air Compressors Work – Online College Magazine

Lains describes how a SCUBA diver made use of the air compressor of vessel to get the most from the oxygen tank in his.

The breathing air compressors are different from the other air compressors in that they are used to fill up tanks commonly used by individuals for breathing. The air quality needs to be of the highest quality. By using a number of different mechanisms that cool, pressurize as well as separate moisture from and over, the air gets air-conditioned.

The diver of the SCUBA dive used an air compressor for powering an sailboat. It’s something that is rare for such small vessels. For powering their device, they have created several batteries. They need to make sure that they do not use engines. Then, they have to put an intake rod.

The compressor connects an empty hose to the SCUBA tank. Everything is powered up and the compressor is able to fill the tank up with usable air. The SCUBA diver is monitoring various parameters during the whole process to be sure everything is in order. For more info look at the video below.


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