How Wood Garage Doors are Made For Your South Florida Home – Car Talk Podcast

First thing to do is determine what type of garage door you would like. Most commonly, you will want the panel type of door. It is made up of panels floating in a solid frame, or are designed with the appearance that they do.
The manufacturing process begins with the central component composed of wood. It is then covered with fiberboard. The wood fibers as well as the fabricated resins are what make up the fiberboard’s material.
The entire door’s central area is covered with a thick skin filling. This creates the appearance of natural wood and ensures it is weatherproof.
Final touches are the last. Many innovative and customizable options are available for wood garage doors. You have the freedom to select the sort of finish you’d like. Painting gives the wooden garage door a shiny look.
The wooden garage door you have require a check every year, at the very least. This can be done by searching for signs of decay for example, dents and cracks on the exterior. Examine the holes that are left by termites and other insects that eat wood, including beetles. gs2sjay7wa.

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