Colors for Custom Cabinet Designs – Family Magazine

itchens are one of the locations where we’ll see cabinets most commonly, and it’s important that the cabinets set the tone for your room’s theme. In this post we’ll discuss some different colors which you can choose for your design-specific cabinets.

We’ll be looking at black as the primary color to design custom cabinets. Black is the perfect color that will make your kitchen look elegant. The use of black cabinets can add a great deal of the illusion of depth and is becoming increasingly popular. If the luxury aspect is the main thing for you, you should consider using black cabinets.

Sage green is yet another popular color. Sage green has a rustic look. Sage green will give your kitchen an industrial style. It is a lighter shade as compared to black. That means that it will bring attention to other structures of the kitchen better than dark cabinets.

These are the two most well-known colors that you could use to design your cabinets.


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