Suspect Attempts to Flee Via Passing Train Todays Entertainment News

Help is available through the police. Criminals are already known to take poor decisions. But, this video depicts a person who appears extremely adept in making poor choices. He is going to contact an agent for bail bonds following the incident.

The video shows Los Angeles’ police following the trail of a vehicle that was stolen from the owner. The vehicle is stolen,, which implies that it has adequate off-road capability. It is a criminal who would put these abilities to the examination. When the car is driving down the road and the driver realizes police have blocked the roadway. The car then makes an abrupt left, and then passes through a chain-link fence into the yard of a railroad. He continues driving in a reckless manner through the train yard and tries to get away from police. The car veers off a couple of times until it eventually stalls out. He then ran towards the nearest train station and attempted to climb on the train. But, the attempts be futile. The criminal eventually gives up then returns to the abandoned vehicle, where he is waiting for the police.


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