How to Reset Your Cars Electrical System – Fast Car Video

If you are required to restart your system, it is crucial that the process is performed correctly. If not, the warning light can appear, even if it has been repaired. When you’ve completed an electrical repair this video demonstrates how to correctly reset your system.

Make use of a scanner tool and plug it into the connector for datalink to receive the codes. You can wipe out the DTCs through shutting off the engine while leave the car running. If you want to reset your car totally However, you’ll require a high-priced tool. Instead of spending $5,000, you can utilize one simple tool.

Take the battery’s terminals off using a socket wrench. Take the car’s CPU out and pull the cover off to reveal the electronics inside. Find a small resistor, and attach it to the positive and negative connector terminals. It should drain over approximately 10 minutes.

This resistor helps link the positive and negative and prevents it from excessive draining, which can cause damage to important components of computers. Place everything back in place and you’re all set.

See this video for more details on car electrical repair.


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