What are Masonry Walls? – Free Encyclopedia Online

cess. There are a few different kinds and they each work together to preserve the structural integrity of buildings. Let’s examine some of them.

Prior to discussing the different kinds of wall, it is important to first understand the concept behind masonry. It is the process of building walls using mortar as a glue to join them. Mortar is comprised of water and cement. Every brick will remain on its own due to the cement it’s made of.

A kind of masonry wall constructed mostly of bricks and stone is called an elastomeric masonry wall. They can be constructed either inside or outside the structure, and they serve to help support the building from the bottom foundation to the roof.

Reinforced masonry walls are another type of wall. For these walls, you will see reinforcement in the forms of wire or bars. They are built to safeguard structures against extreme pressure.

The general rule is that masonry walls play an essential role in the construction’s structural strength. There are several types as well as the types of walls required from building to building may change.


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