How to Install Aluminum Fences – Vacuum Storage

able. This video will show you how to put up aluminum fencing.

Before beginning the construction there are many items you must accomplish. It is important to verify your local fence codes and label your utility lines. Additionally, you should measure and mark the spot where you’ll put fences. In the end, ensure you’ve got needed tools and items are needed. For example, a posthole drill the shovel, level hacksaw, tape measure screwdrivers, hammers, wheelbarrows, Quikrete, string line, gravel and stakes.

Put stakes in the ends and corners of your fence. To envision the position of your fence, tie string tightly between stakes. Then, you will need to dig holes that will be used for the posts. The holes must be 2 feet deep and 6 inches in width. After you have dug the holes, place posts into the holes and use Quikrete to fill the hole around the post. It will create the foundation it needs to be built on. Following the same steps as above to construct sections, lines and posts.


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