Learn How to Change the Oil on a Semi Truck – Custom Wheels Direct


Regular maintenance and repairs are part of the agreement. However, with bigger commercial vehicles like semi trucks that are larger, it’s more important that proper attention be given to upkeep and repairs. This YouTube video shows the importance of semi-truck maintenance and repairs.

A majority of us are acquainted with basic maintenance on their personal vehicles, but it’s a completely different situation when it comes to commercial automobiles. Things as simple as an oil change or changes to batteries are complex and time-consuming. These critical maintenance tasks could be made simple by this instructional video.

From oil changes as well as tire inspections to regular inspections and tune-ups you should know what you can do to ensure that your semi is well-maintained. It will help keep yourself and passengers safe in the road. There’s no reason to cut corners on semi-repair and upkeep.

Check out this video to find out what you need to be looking at with semi-truck repairs prior to going on your next journey.

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