7 Tips for Finding an Immigration Attorney – Juger Edelweiss

3. Use online tools and resources
There’s lots of incorrect information available online about immigration, but there are several resources to help.
4. Create a list of immigration attorneys
Each attorney has its own unique style. It’s essential that you attorney and your immigration lawyer work together well.
5. You can set up multiple immigration consults
The process of finding the perfect lawyer is a complex process. Do not settle for the first attorney you’ve spoken to.
6. Have a chat with a few lawyers about rates
It’s not cheap for a successful application to the immigration system. Apart from the cost of all the documents you’ll have to file, choose a lawyer that fits the budget you have set.
7. Make sure you are familiar with the Contract
Understanding the details of your contract can guarantee that you’re paying for service you require, and you are getting the most competitive price.

If you’re thinking of moving to the U.S. and need an attorney, this short video gives helpful tips from a person who’s been through this process. 8jnjp62aqh.

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