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Vinyl and transfer paper to make your own shirts. It is easy to create your own t-shirt using this method, even if you’ve never attempted it before. The tutorial will guide you how you can make your own shirt as you watch someone else do it. The video also explains the procedure.

The first step is to locate the image that you would like to display for your shirt. If the image is an PNG format that has a transparent background, you’re ready to transfer it onto your virtual canvas. If not, it’s necessary to take the background off manually and then alter the formatting. To add text to your image, pick one of the fonts. Prior to printing, ensure that you mirror the text. In the event that you don’t, it could be printed backwards. Then, you cut the picture and print it out. It can be done with an cricut. The backing tape is removed , and then the image is transferred to vinyl. Then, you’ll be able to carefully it up and then press it onto the shirt. Once you have heated the image onto your shirt, there are some tips in this video. You now have your very unique birthday t-shirt. o91paa1glv.

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