How to a Hire Top Notch Personal Injury Attorney – Kameleon Media

1. Do they have a license?
It is important to confirm that the lawyer you’re looking at has been licensed and certified for law practice in the place in which the incident occurred. As the video explains, the fact that an attorney’s name is advertising for personal injury cases does not mean they’re qualified to accept the case.

2. Who will you have the closest connection with?
In certain cases the client will work with a case manager, instead of the attorney. A case manager or paralegal usually have decades of expertise. You might choose to communicate directly to your attorney or a paralegal who has more experience about the law. You’ll have to know ahead of time whom you’ll be interacting with.

3. Are they prompt in responding to all your questions?
The majority of lawyers will open up and let you know how long you can expect it to wait to hear from them, in accordance with their work schedule, cases as well as other factors. If you’re told your wait time may be longer, this could influence how you decide.

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