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The Cleveland Clinic high school internship is designed to help our students excel academically by helping them develop mentoring skills.

Furthermore, mentors support students to develop healthy relationships and support positive decision-making, ultimately leading students to university completion. If you enjoy the writing process or mentorship, this could make a fantastic internship. This will allow you to connect with kids and teenagers who require you. This can be a wonderful opportunity for networking and resume building.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (Communications Assistant)

In the Cleveland clinic high school internship program in the Communications Team, your role will be working directly with school administrations and the district and multiple departments throughout CSSD. You will have the opportunity to learn about various elements of the operation of the district.

There is also the possibility to develop your skills through assisting the staff with the creation of communications plans, managing internal databases as well as writing press releases, making research and writing Newsletter articles, as well as coordinating social events. If you’re interested in writing, this internship is the perfect fit for you. You are free to do what you want as you’re enhanced.

YMCA of Greater Cleveland (Summer Camp Counselor)

As a counselor at Summer Camp is responsible to supervise the youth who are participating in activities assigned to them at the summer camp while ensuring a safe and healthy atmosphere by encouraging high-quality sportsmanship and confidence in yourself, positive peer pressure, leadership qualities, etc. This is a great opportunity If you’re interested in coaching and creativity because it allows you to have enjoyable time with children, suitable for resume-building in addition to networking.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (Adult Education Program Assistant)

Students will receive instruction from an instructor. ybqiieajsb.

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