Understanding the Uses of a Thermocouple Feedthrough In Vacuum Applications – Discovery Videos

The need for feedthroughs arises when you are passing various cables or signals over different walls of chambers.

Specifically, thermocouple feedthrough is employed when there has to measure temperature as part of the workflow process. The vacuum unit creates a signal that contains a voltage level. The measurements of outside the vacuum system are taken and fed through the equipment.

There are various dimensions and designs of thermocouple feedthroughs. However they can be customized as required. Different kinds of thermocouples may be added on each side which pass through an o-ring.

It is possible to mix and match the O-rings and thermocouple material to meet your company’s requirements. There are many thicknesses of thermocouple wire with different color codes to distinguish their characteristics. For a sensor that functions it is necessary to connect the wires inside the coating can simply be put together. While this is possible but it’s best to get a pre-built thermocouple. The entire section has been sealed and safety features are in place. 2ydye5dqnn.

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